1 Gvishiani A.D.
2 Zhalkovskiy E.A.
3 Berezko A.E.
4 Solov'ev A.A.
5 Khokhlov A.V.
6 Snakin V.V.
7 Mitenko G.V.
The Atlas of Earth’s Magnetic Field (Atlas) compiles a unified set of physical, general geographic, thematic, including historical, charts of Earth’s Magnetic Field (EMF), and also reference materials, providing a thorough and versatile study of the field for the time period from 1500 to 2010. The Atlas is the first attempt to collect a vast variety of different sources starting from charts of direct instrumental observations to modern field models. The Atlas will present this information as world charts with isolines for various EMF characteristics. The corresponding accuracy is determined by a method and time of its development.
Gvishiani A.D., 
Zhalkovskiy E.A., 
Berezko A.E., 
Solov'ev A.A., 
Khokhlov A.V., 
Snakin V.V., 
Mitenko G.V., 
(2010) Core field atlas. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 71(4), pp. 33-38. (In Russian).