1 Shekotilov V.G.
2 Lazarev O.E.
3 Lazareva O.S.
In connection with the development of functional capabilities of geographic information systems(GIS) and the advent of digital images of archival maps, it is actual problem of forming information space of overview and large-scale maps for solution of research and practical problems at regional level. Based on the analysis of system of overview atlases and large-scale maps of end XVIII – begin XX century, it had formulated proposals for their use at regional level. Formore complex and three-dimensional large- scale maps it was generated set of Tver’s and contiguous with Tver provinces, including «2 verst per inch» and «1 verst per inch Mende’s maps , «2 verst per inch» and «3 verst per inch» Shubert’s maps. For selected maps with using previously developed techniques was produced forming of information models with approbation of theirs at digital atlas, professional GISs, and in the form of Internet resources.
Shekotilov V.G., 
Lazarev O.E., 
Lazareva O.S., 
(2010) Information space formation oflarge-scale and base archival maps of XIX century for research automation on the regional level (by example of"mezhstolichniy" region). Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 71(6), pp. 24-29. (In Russian).