Matveev A.Yu. FGUP "Aerogeodesia" - 90 years 2-4
Gairabekov I.G., Kravchuk I.M. Evaluation of accuracy calculation of geodetic height based on satellite measurements results 5-7
Vinogradov A.V. Application of equivalent ellipsoid image on the ball for territory area determinination 8-11
Dudarev V.I. Differential and integral methods of Doppler satellite observations 12-16
Skripnikova M.A., Ashraf A.Beshr, Ryabova N.M. Methodology development for determining the horizontal displacements of the sluice walls 17-21
Poleshenkov V.N., Lyubivaya L.S. On the unification of compensating computations 22-23
Shekotilov V.G., Lazarev O.E., Lazareva O.S. Information space formation oflarge-scale and base archival maps of XIX century for research automation on the regional level (by example of"mezhstolichniy" region) 24-29
Galenko V.T. Language of cartographic work 30-35
Bozhilina E.A., Ukraintseva N.G. Field thematic survey in map creation of nature 36-41
Krayuhin A.N. Cartography: organizational aspects of state role increasing 42-46
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Komarov A. I. Evaluation of aerospace information quality: problems and solutions 47–50
Marine geodesy and hydrography
Firsov Yu.G., Menchikov I.V. Modem technology of marine and geodetic survey for offshore industry 51-56
Branch news
Zinchuk L.N. Russian State Library cartographic publications division has moved to Pashkov House 57-61
Elchaninov A.I. Museums - custodians of cultural heritage 62-63