1 Serebryakova L.I.
In 2005 TSNIIGAiK performed the renovation of several lines of re-leveling for State level network in the north-west of the East European Platform of the Russian territory with a level network of Finland. The work was done in order to establish a unified heights system. It performs analysis of the lines re-leveling to the area, resulting in the map was drawn up on the basis of joint leveling network. The results of the work and preparation of maps in the scientific and technical report [3], which was written by V. I. Kaftan, Yu. G. Kuznetsov and E. L. Korchagina. NTO serves as an explanatory note to the map. This report is available on the website TsNIIGAiK. North-west of the East European platform is unique in tectonically therefore presented in [3]. Map is of great scientific and practical importance. For a more in-depth analysis of these data are compared with the tectonic conditions and seismicity of the territory.
Serebryakova L.I., 
(2013) Tectonics, seismicity and the speed of modern vertical movements of the Earth's crust in the North-West of East-European platform. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (3), pp. 47-57. (In Russian).
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Published: 20.04.2013


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