1 Guk A.P.
2 Evstratova L.G.
3 Khlebnikov E.P.
4 Altyntsev M.A.
5 Arbuzov S.A.
6 Gordienko A.S.
7 Guk A.A.
This paper, which summarizes the methods and the results of digital change detection in the high resolution multi-spectral satellite acquired data domain, as its primary objective a synthesis of the state. The methods of change detection are categorized in the analytical framework. New method of change detection, based on wavelet and Fourier analysis, is described. New wavelet method for recognition different type of landscape like forest regions, agriculture and soil type of land cover and nature objects has been developed.
Guk A.P., 
Evstratova L.G., 
Khlebnikov E.P., 
Altyntsev M.A., 
Arbuzov S.A., 
Gordienko A.S., 
Guk A.A., 
(2013) Automated interpretation of space images. Detection of changes in the status of territories and objects on multispectral satellite images obtained at different dates. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (8), pp. 39-47. (In Russian).