1 Litvinov N.Yu.
2 Yablonski L.I.

Center of Geodesy, Cartography and SDI

In this paper, at the level of conceptual proposals, the activities of the International Map Year in the Russian Federation are presented. The article deals with the organizational procedure for joining the activities carried out by the ICA organizing committee of the International Map Year. The recommendations are given on the formation of national committees in the countries wishing to join IMY. Examples of activities planned and implemented in other countries are pesented there. The necessity of the Russian Federation participation in the ICA activities is noted. Formulated proposals for the International Map Year in Russia may be useful for geodetic services of the CIS.
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Litvinov N.Yu., 
Yablonski L.I., 
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Publication History
Received: 16.11.2015
Accepted: 20.11.2015
Published: 20.12.2015


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