1 Brovko E.A.
2 Sofinov R.E.

Priroda, Research-and-Production Center, FSUE


Scientific-Analytical Center Geoanalysis, Ltd

Modeling the techniques and methods of automated generalization of digital cartographic image, based on scientific and methodological and technological approaches offered by the authors focused on the use of the results in the state topographic monitoring (STM), including the territory of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) is presented. Simulation was carried out by the example of the site area, located in the Murmansk region relating to the areas with high anthropogenic impact on the natural environment i.e. impact areas of the Russian Arctic. Techniques and methods outlined in this publication greatly enable optimizing the automated generalization of digital map images, as one of the directions in solving the problem of modernization of methods and technologies of renovating public digital topographic maps and keeping them up to date on the basis of geological and technical data. Software tools available in the field of geodesy and cartography provide a high automation level of the generalization process in the range of 30–50 %. Under authors' assumption the implementation of the suggested techniques and methods of automated generalizing digital map images, will improve the level at 20–25 %. It will ensure their economic viability for actual digital cartographic products.
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Brovko E.A., 
Sofinov R.E., 
(2016) State topographic monitoring. Automated generalization of digital cartographic image: modeling techniques and methods (Part 2). Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (11), pp. 24–31. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2016-917-11-24-31
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Received: 21.01.2016
Accepted: 19.10.2016
Published: 21.12.2016


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