1 Markuze Yu.I.
2 Le Anh Cuong

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)

In recent years, many hydraulic structures have been modernized and built in Vietnam. Monitoring the deformations of hydraulic structures are extremely important. The results of observations of deformations to assess the stability and safety of structures help specialists make the process of construction and reconstruction of hydraulic structures more reliable and safe. At present, a personal computer is very widely used in processing the results of geodetic measurements. By using algorithms on a computer, we can simply and quickly solve problems with a huge number of calculations. The article deals with the application of a recurrent way of equalizing for the analysis of deformations of geodetic points when observing horizontal displacement of hydraulic structures in Vietnam. The use of the proposed algorithm in this article is conveniently implemented in practical calculations using a computer. The result of the calculation of the example indicates that combining the observation cycles to increase the accuracy of the observed items.
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Markuze Yu.I., 
Le Anh Cuong, 
(2017) Investigation of an algorithm for analyzing deformations of geodetic points when observing horizontal displacements of hydraulic structures. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 78(7), pp. 23-30. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2017-925-7-23-30
Publication History
Received: 26.05.2017
Accepted: 27.06.2017
Published: 18.08.2017


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