1 Tikunov V.S.
2 Belousov S.K.
3 Igonin A.I

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

The authors present a method of multi-scale integrated assessment of anthropogenic impact on the atmospheric air as part of a comprehensive environmental assessment of the European states territory. Multiscale assessment enables identifying areas of the greatest impact and determining the relations between objects of administrative-territorial division. The methodology is based on the aggregation of indicators of human exposure to atmospheric air at various scale levels. For a multi-scale assessment of the anthropogenic impact, 3 levels of research were selected: continental, state and regional. The continental level is implemented for European countries, the state one is implemented for the regions of Russia and Belgium, and that regional is implemented for Moscow oblast and the city. The data on the amount of emissions from stationary sources was obtained from the European Environment Agency, Rosstat and the State Report ”On the state and on Environmental Protection in the Russian Federation in 2018”. That for the regions of Belgium is from the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM), the Walloon Air and Climate Agency (AwAC), the Brussels Environment Project (IBGE-BIM). The change in the grade of anthropogenic impact on the atmosphere at different scale levels is shown, the patterns in the transition between them are revealed. The obtained values of the integral index are plotted on the maps. The highest level of impact is observed in the countries of Eastern Europe and Iceland. In Russian regions of Central Siberia, the northern part of Western Siberia and the European North are clearly distinguished for the worse. In Belgium, however, there are practically no differences between regions by the value of the index. At the regional level, 1-3 municipal units are strongly distinguished by a very high degree of anthropogenic impact on the atmospheric air. The assessment was made using the method of distance to the worst unit, for each of the normalizing indicators at first, and then the integral index of anthropogenic impact on the atmospheric air was calculated. It was revealed that the spread of the index values within one scale level is less than between the levels. At the same time, within one scale mark, the regions with extreme values of the index are most clearly distinguished. The results obtained make it possible to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the environmental aspects of the state economics.
The work was financially supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project № 20-47-01001).
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Tikunov V.S., 
Belousov S.K., 
Igonin A.I, 
(2021) Multi-scale assessment and mapping of anthropogenic impacts on the atmosphere . Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 82(10), pp. 21-32. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2021-976-10-21-32