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Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Voronin E.G. Application of the Galerkin method in bad conditioned tasks of analytical photogrammetry 23-27
Geographic Information Systems
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Geodynamic research
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Anniversary congratulations
75 years to Alexander A. Drazhnyuk 46
Kremers H., Popkova L.I., Kotova O.I., Tikunov V.S., Torres M.A. International conference «InterCarto-Intergis-19» «Sustainable development of territories: GIS theory and practical experience» 47-54
People of science and manufacture
Vladimir N. Gnatishin 55
Pictures of history
Zagorodnyuk N.I., Konovalova E.N. Mapping studies by A.A.Dunin-Gorkavich 56-64