Strukov A.A. Determination of geodetic nets space points in reference system of coordinates without deformation of coordinate base 2-8
Murzaikin I.Ya., Sivakova N.I., Murzaikina E.V. Use of wire netting systems for determination of sediments and dislocation of buildings and supervision of their stability 9-11
Kuznetsova T.I., Batuev A.R., Bardash A.V. Concept, structure and content of maps set of the environment in the electronic atlas of Baikal region 12-20
Kovaleva O.V. History and technological overview of methods and ways of presentation of the relief on the maps. Cut of the relief by system plates 21-28
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Antipov I.T., Kobzeva E.A. Of use of digital medium and small format cameras for airphotosurvey 29-34
Novakovskiy B.A., Prasolova A.I., Permyakov R.V. Geoinformation modeling of floods with photogrammetry technologies 35-39
Geographic Information Systems
Yamashkin A.A., Yamashkin S.A., Akashkina A.G. GIS modeling of wide kinds of landscape 40-45
Zaitzev V.V. Standards of metadata and their application in Geoinformatics 46-50
Batrakov J.G., Kovaliov D.A., Salamonov E.S. Survey of joint objects of real estate by laser scanner 51-54
Chaparin A.N. Ranging of pollution substance by coefficient of priority of danger for the population 54-55
Anniversary congratulations
Boginsky Vladimir Maximovich is 75 56
Pictures of history
Sinyanskaya M.L. Preliminary geometry, Egyptian triangle and geodesy 57-60
Guzevich S.N. Natural methods of information 61-63