Public offer (Copyright Contract) 
for placing materials in the journal "Geodesy and Cartography"
The Federal State Budgetary Establishment "Federal Scientific-Technical Center of Geodesy, Cartography and Spatial Data Infrastructure", (hereinafter - the «Publisher»), in the person of the Director Tatyana Turchanova, acting under the power of the Charter, offers any person to enter the contract on publishing materials in the scientific journal "Geodesy and Cartography"(hereinafter – the Contract). The text of the Contract is available in the website of the journal "Geodesy and cartography" at:
1. The subject of the offer
1.1. Due to the Contract, the Author(s) grant(s) the Publisher the exclusive right to use the article within the limits specified in the Contract.
1.2. The author(s) guarantee(s) that he/she/they is/are the only copyright holder of the article submitted to the Publisher.
1.3. The publisher renders the Author(s) services of reviewing, scientific editing and publishing his/her/their scientific article in the journal "Geodesy and Cartography" (hereinafter – the Journal). 
1.4. Using articles under the Contract is carried out with the obligatory indication of the author's and co-authors name(s), metadata (title of the article, information about the authors, abstract, keywords, code of the universal decimal classifier (UDC), bibliographic reference list).
1.5. The purpose of the Contract is to provide conditions for upgrading the citation index of the Author in the Journal.
2. Acceptance of the offer, conclusion, change and termination of the contract 
2.1. The author(s) accept(s) the Public Offer by sending an application for publishing the article to the e-mail address of the journal "Geodesy and Cartography" (
2.2. The conclusion of the Contract on the part of the Author(s) is full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Contract and the fulfilling any of the following:
• Submitting the Author’s materials to the Publisher by handing in, via mail or electronic communication channels and registering the received Author’s material by the Publisher;
• Improving the material by the Author(s) on the proposal of the Editorial Board and submitting the improved Author’s material to the Editorial for publishing in the Journal of the Publisher.
2.3. The conclusion of the contract on the part of the Publisher is registering the Author's material in the Journal of the Publisher with the assignment of a unique number in the register log. The number is forwarded to the Author's e-mail address specified by the author(s) as a contact.
2.4. This Contract may be terminated in the following cases:
• on the agreement of the parties at any time before publishing the Author's material in the Publisher’s Journal;
• on the initiative of the Publisher if the Author's material does not meet the requirements of the Publisher stated in the Rules for authors, posted in the website of the Journal (, and/or if on other reasons it cannot be published in the Journal of the Publisher. In this case, the Publisher sends the Author(s) a reasoned refusal to the email address, specified;
• on the initiative of the Author(s), if the material was not published within a year after the approval of the Author's material for publishing in the Publisher’s Journal. In this case the Author(s) shall send a written notice to the Publisher about the termination of the Contract;
• on other reasons provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
2.5. All changes made in the present contract by the Publisher take effect after 14 (fourteen) calendar days after such changes are made and information on the changes made in the Contract is published in the website of the Journal (  If the Author(s) disagree(s) to changing the terms of the present Contract he/she/they have/has right to send the Publisher a written notice about the termination of the present Contract before the changes take effect. In the absence of the written notice from the Author(s) until the changes in the Contract take effect, the changes are considered to be accepted by the Author(s), and the Contract valid with the changes made. 
3. Rights and obligations of the parties
3.1. During the period of validity of exclusive rights the author(s) authorize(s) the Publisher to do the following on his/her/their behalf for free:
3.1.1. to reproduce  the article (publishing, duplication, replication or any other reproduction) without restricting the number of copies. In this case, in each copy of the article there shall be the name of the Author;
3.1.2. to distribute the article in any way;
3.1.3. to publish the article for common access in any mass-media including the Internet; 
3.1.4. to use the metadata of the article by distributing and making them commonly available, processing and systematization as well as including into scientific electronic libraries, reference databases and citation systems:, Web of Science, Scopus and others.
3.2. The rights of the author(s) are:
3.2.1. to obtain the information about preparing the article for publishing;
3.2.2. to use the electronic preprint of the unpublished manuscript in the form and content accepted by the Publisher for publishing in the Journal. Such preprints can be placed in the form of electronic files in the website of the Author (co-Authors) or in the protected external website of the employer of the Author (co-Authors) of the article. The preprints cannot be used for commercial sale, systematic or external distribution by a third party.
Besides the Author (co-Authors) shall include the following warning in the preprint: «This is a preprint of the article accepted for publishing in the journal «Geodesy and Cartography» © 2016, FSBI «Centre of geodesy, cartography and SDI». The copyright holder is listed in the Journal»;
3.2.3. to copy for free or hand in the printed copy of the article to colleagues in the whole volume or in parts for their personal or professional usage, advancing academic or scientific research or on information purposes of the employer;
3.2.4. to use materials from the published article in the book by the Author (co-Authors);
3.2.5. to use some figures,  tables or text passages from the article on education purposes or for including them in other work(s), or for submission in electronic format in the internal (protected) computer network or in the external website of the Author (co-Authors) or his employer;
3.2.6. to include the materials of the article in educational textbooks for using at classes and free distribution of the materials among the students of the author (co-Authors) or to store the materials in a local server in electronic format for the access of the students as part of their course of studies, as well as for local training programs in the employer's institution.
3.3. The obligations of the author(s) are:
3.3.1. to submit the article, executed according to the Rules of reviewing scientific articles in the journal "Geodesy and Cartography". The Rules are posted in the Journal's website;
3.3.2.  not to submit material that was published in a volume of more than 50% in other printed and/or electronic editions, except for the preprint (manuscript) of the article(s);
3.3.3.  not to submit the article in other editions without the consent of the Publisher and not to use the  electronic copy of the article prepared by the Publisher on commercial purposes if it is passed to the Author; 
3.3.4. to make all the necessary references of the  cited authors and (or) publications in the article, as well as the results and facts obtained by other authors, specified in the current legislation on copyright;
3.3.5 not to include into the article any materials which cannot be published for common access in  accordance with the applicable legislation;
3.3.6. to make the proofreading of the article in the terms provided by the issuing schedule of the Journal. To make the only minimum of updates at the proofreading which is necessary to correct mistakes made in the original article and (or) making factual or conjuncture changes. 
3.4. The rights the Publisher are:
3.4.1. to reject the article according to the results of its  preliminary checking or make a decision on publishing it after improving taking into account the received reviews. The refusal is sent to the Author via email;
3.4.2. to require from the Author the provision of any necessary information about the scientific article;
3.4.3. to edit the article without changing its main provisions;
3.4.4. to post the articles published in the Journal in the Journal's website;
3.4.5. to post preliminary information about the forthcoming publishing of the article in the media;
3.4.6. to place the electronic version of the article in the Scientific electronic library ( and other reference databases;
3.4.7. to terminate this Contract in the following cases: rejecting the scientific article by the editorial Board of the Journal; the Author's failure to submit the article on his fault within the established period or within the period specified for improving the article; if the Author(s) disagree(s) to improving or making corrections in  the scientific article; the impossibility of publishing the scientific article related to the state secret.
3.5. The obligations of the Publisher are: 
3.5.1. to consider the scientific article submitted in the required form and notify the Author about the decision on publishing, rejecting or making  the necessary changes in it with the indication of the required corrections;
3.5.2. to consider the improved scientific article again and notify the Author about the decision  on it. Improving the article is made not more than twice;
3.5.3. to provide reviewing  the Article, its scientific, literary and design editing, produce a paper and an electronic original layout at the expense of the Publisher;
3.5.4. to provide the Author services related to publishing the article in the Journal "Geodesy and Cartography";
3.5.5. to comply the valid copyright laws, and also take all possible measures to prevent copyright violation by third parties;
3.5.6. to provide the Author a free copy of the Journal with the published scientific article;
3.5.7. to dispatch copies of the Journal in accordance with the Federal law N 77-FZ  «About an obligatory copy of documents» dated 29.12.1994;
3.5.8. to guarantee that the articles submitted by the Author will not be used by the Publisher in ways not specified in this Contract.
4. Special terms.
 4.1. All controversial situations and disagreements between the parties which may arise will be solved through negotiations. 
4.2. If the parties do not come to agreement at negotiations, the interested party shall send a claim in written form signed by an authorized person. The claim shall either be sent by letter with a return receipt requested or handed to the other Party on receipt.
4.3. Documents substantiating the claims submitted by the interested Party (in case of their absence from the other Party) and the documents confirming the proxies of the person signing the claim shall be enclosed.
4.4. The party to which the claim is submitted shall obligatory consider the received claim and notify the interested Party on results in written form within ten working days from the date of receiving the claim.
4.5. If the controversial situation is not solved in the complaint procedure, as well as in case of absence of a response to the claim within the period specified in paragraph 3.4 of the Contract, the lawsuit shall be submitted to the court at the location of the Publisher.
5. The responsibility of the parties
5.1. The Publisher and the Author bear property- and other liabilities for non-executing or improper executing their obligations under this Contract in accordance with the current legislation of The Russian Federation.