1 Tolchelnikova S.A.

Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo of RAS

In order to improve cooperation between scientists employing different methods for studies of motion, the method is considered used by Copernicus for simultaneous determination of secular and periodic components of the Earth’s orbital motion and rotation of its axis from the values of coordinates obtained from observations during 15000 years. In modern practice secular and periodic components are determined separately. For determination of heliocentric motions which gave start to the origin of dynamics, Copernicus had to summarize the observed changes of spherical coordinates whereas the thought of modern scientists is moving in opposite direction since they use numerical theoretical models for interpretation of observed changes of coordinates. Hence leading role is played by deductive logic now. The development of inductive method is required for synthesis of information received from observations in astronomy, geodesy and so on, particularly for solution of the actual problem of separate determination of rotations of two celestial circles (equator and ecliptic) from analysis of observed coordinates’ values. The difficulties are shown in solution of this problem by means of mechanical methods and the simplified method employed in XVII century.
Tolchelnikova S.A., 
(2010) Rotation of the Earth’s axis relative to the Sun and stars. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 71(9), pp. 17-26. (In Russian).
Publication History
Published: 20.10.2010


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