Problems, Search, Solutions
Matveev A.Yu., Fedorov D.V., Grebnev V.P., Lukin V.V., Dietrich R., Richter A. On Russian-German geodetic research in Antarctica 2-4
Devyatisilny A.S., Chislov K.A. The model of navigation integrated system with the function of the Earth gravitational field strength determination 5-9
Shavuk V.S. Introduction of local coordinate system in the North Caucasus Federal District 10-13
Solovitsky A.N. On control system peculiarities of crustal blocks deformation when developing the Kuzbass coal deposits 13-16
Balandin V.N., Menchikov I.V., Stern S.L. On determination of points normal heights for local objects based on satellite leveling 17-21
Kotelnikova N.V., Ozloev B.N. Series of e-learning ecological maps of the Buryat Republic 22-26
Ivanov A.G., Bulygina O.A. Selection procedures automation on presentation method of cartographic object and phenomena 27-32
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Novakovskiy B.A., Permyakov R.V., Kargashin P.E. PHOTOMOD and thematic mapping 33-39
Branch news
Morozova M.N. Toponomic page 40-41
Geodynamic research
Serebryakova L.I. laws and features of vertical movements of the surface area of the Earth of the Kaliningrad region and the surrounding area 42-50
Atamanov S.A., Grigoryev S.A., Yakimchuk E.S. Social land management system of territorial public self-governing 51-54
Anniversary congratulations
Komarov Arkady Ilyich celebrates 60 years of work 55
Manpower training
Golubev V.V., Fartukova I.S., Tsvetkov V.Ya. International Conference "Global trends and convergence in Surveying Education" 56-59
Vatlina T.V., Evdokimov S.P., Koshkarev A.V., Putrenko V.V., Tikunov V.S. International Conference "InterCarto - InterGIS-18" "Sustainable Development of Territories: GIS theory and practical experience" 60-63