Problems, Search, Solutions
Pobedinskiy G.G. Creation and updating geospatial data of the Russian Federation 2-10
Balandin V.N., Bryn M.Ya., Menchikov I.V., Firsov Yu.G. Calculation of the plane rectangular coordinates, meridian rapprochement and Gauss projection scale in the 6th grid zone using geodetic coordinates 11-13
Voytenko A.V. Evaluation of the geodetic mark’s coordinates calculation method precision for the given epoch with the consideration of the Euro-Asian lithospheric plate’s movements 13-18
Zhigalov K.J. The use of soft ware complex named “Talka-GIS” during the automation monitoring of highway curbs conditions 19-22
Mehdiyev J.T. Evaluation of influence of structural trend uncertainty of geophysical parameters to the information of GPS measurements of climatic factors 23-26
Bozhilina E.A., Sorokina V.N., Salikhova N.Z. Temperature regime changes mapping in the European part of Russia for various time periods (1881–1935 and 1961 – 1990 years) 27-35
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Kravtsovа V.I., Provorova I.A. Space monitoring of forming the New delta of the Tereck river 36-44
Space geodesy and navigation
Konon N.I., Konon N.N., Konon S.N. On the matter of the ground objects’ spatial coordinates determination accuracy 45-49
Geographic Information Systems
Popkov A.V. Mathematic and cartographic modeling of the structure of the point born objects at the sample of municipal are named Ramenki 50-54
People of science and manufacture
To the 105-the day of birth of Rusinov M.M. 55-56
Point for discussion
Dement`ev V.E. Investigation of vertical refraction on horizontal routes in the turbulent zone 57-64
DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2014-884-2