1 Materuhin A.V.

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)

The article provides the analysis of the current situation in the use of data stream management systems (DSMS) and discusses the reasons why this technology is not used to develop geographic information systems. DSMS, despite its novelty, has ceased to be a pure research project and is used in industrial applications. However, this technology is not used to design the GIS, although the necessity of processing and analyzing of spatio-temporal data streams arises in many practically important applications. The essence of the current problematic situation is the gap between new technological capabilities and the lack of a theoretical framework for the processing and analysis of spatio-temporal data streams in DSMS. Existing spatial analytics algorithms are designed for relational databases with precomputed spatial indexes and are not suitable for DSMS. The article shows that, to resolve the current problematic situation with the geoinformation systems development based on DSMS should do the following: should develop mathematical models of data types to represent potentially unbounded spatio-temporal data streams; should develop a mathematical framework to handle in real-time potentially unbounded spatio-temporal data streams to model dynamically the spatial phenomena of the real world.
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Materuhin A.V., 
(2017) Problems in the development of GIS based on data stream management systems. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 78(4), pp. 44-47. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2017-922-4-44-47
Publication History
Received: 10.02.2017
Accepted: 05.04.2017
Published: 19.05.2017


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