Problems, Search, Solutions
Boginsky V.M., Shestakov S.N., Morozova M.N. The 26th Session of the UN Expert Group on Geographical Names 2-7
Demyanov G.V., Mayorov A.N., Pobedinskiy G.G. Geodetic coordinate systems and their development through global navigation satellite systems application 7-11
Novoselov D.B. Design and creation of linear-angular network for ski resort in Zelenaya city 11-17
Koshelev A.V., Ustavich G.A., Koshelev V.A., Titov S.S., Skipa Yu.V., Dubinina A.A., Zarzhetskaya N.V. On certification of light range finders, electronic total stations and GPS-receivers for standard linear basis 18-21
Batrakov J.G., Salamonov E.S., Matukhnov S.S. Research and application experience of GPS/GLONASS equipment operating in GSM mode RTK 22-26
Oskorbin N.M., Sukhanov S.I. Parameter estimation of direct and inverse transformation formulas of spatial coordinates 26-29
Platonov P.L. Cartographic software maintenance of navigation systems 30-36
Mironov O.K., Pikulik E.A., Fesel' K.I. On concept of three-dimensional geologic maps 36-41
Marine geodesy and hydrography
Menchikov I.V. Satellite leveling of sea surface 42–44
Reshetnyak S.V., Tezikov A.L. Efficiency increasing method of hydrographic survey of Northern Sea Route highlatitude paths 45-49
Kuroshev G.D., Labeznik O.A., Petrova T.M. Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics - 80 years 51-53
Karnatsevich I.V. Extreme air temperatures maps in Russia and neighboring countries 53-55
Pictures of history
Karasik I.B. 70 years after the hardest year of the Great Patriotic War 58-62