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Malkhazova S.M., Kotova T.V., Orlov D.S., Shartova N.V., Maslennikova V.V. Atlas of Russia “Diseases of natural places” 16-24
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Gelman R.N., Mikhaylyukova P.G., Tutubalina O.V. On the use of stereo photogrammetry in the study of the slopes dynamics 25-30
Geodynamic research
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Geographic Information Systems
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Manpower training
Kamynina N.S., Gordeev Yu.S. The integration of the form of training in pedagogical and educational process 48-50
Anniversary congratulations
Belyakov Vasiliy Mikhailovich – 75 years 51
Point for discussion
Savinikh V.P., Tsvetkov V.Ya. Geoinformatics as a system of Sciences 52-57
Guzevich S.N. Reliability as the basis of accurate measurements 57-64