Afonin D.A., Bryn M.J., Tolstov E.G. Designing of land laser scanning geometrical parameters at buildings and constructions deformations control in the conditions of dense building 2-7
Eminov R.A., Ismailov N.Ya. About possibility of GPS-technology and solar photometry sharing for atmospheric average temperature measurements 7-10
Vorobyova T.A., Dushkova D.O. Cartographical ensuring of medical ecological researches 11-16
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Voronin E.G. Ambiguity of flight photogrammetric calibration 17-22
Geodynamic research
Basmanov A.V., Nasretdinov I.F., Nikitin M.Yu., Serebryakova L.I. Research of geodynamic activity of the territory around nuclear power plant construction on the Central Volga region according to geodetic data 23-31
Manpower training
Zhulina M.A., Karasev A.S., Manukhov V.F. Use of information technologies in the process of development and realization of tourist product 32-36
Mozer D.V., Donenbaeva N.S., Sakimbaeva Sh.O. Scientific training at Klaustal Technical university (Germany) 36-38
Elchaninov A.I. Mapping of cultural and natural heritage of Russia 39-47
Point for discussion
Teterin G.N. Change of historical eras in geodesy 48-50
Knizhnikov Ju.F. Whether it is necessary to change a paradigm of topographical mapping of the country? 51-52
Anniversary congratulations
75 years to Kardychkin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich 53
Pictures of history
Sulimov V.S. Teaching of the basic of geodesy at schools of the West Siberian educational district in the years of World War I 54-57
Men of Science
Makarenko N.L. To the 80-th anniversary of Mikhail Gavrilovich Gerasimenko 58
Maiorov A.A., Tsvetkov V.Ya. Studying of globalization processes by geoinformatics methods 59-64