Problems, Search, Solutions
Zabnev V.I. Role of Geodesy and Cartography in federal government objectives solution 2-3
Oleynik A.M. On geodetic monitoring structure formation of geotechnical systems in gas production and transport 4-8
Agilera Delgado T.P. «The Traps» for plagiarists - experience of foreign cartographers on application of copyright protection methods of cartographic works 9-14
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Yekhia Khassan Miki Khassan Changes identification based on multispectral satellite images taken at different time while territories monitoring 15-19
Guk A.P., Evstratova L.G., Gordienko A.S., Altyntsev M.A. Objects changes localization of natural-territorial complexes based on satellite images taken at different time 19–25
Geographic Information Systems
Lazerko M.M. Google SketchUp software use for quick 3D model formation 25-27
Marine geodesy and hydrography
Firsov Yu.G., Balandin V.N., Menchikov I.V. To the quality issue of bathymetric survey of Arctic Ocean in order to identify the outer boundary of the continental shelf of Russia 28-33
Rodionova L.V. Educational process in college 34-38
Semenov L.I. Methodical work of college teachers 38-41
Rabkin A.A. Practical training in college. Yesterday and today 42-44
Kuroshev G.D., Lazebnik O.A. National Atlas of Russia: content and meaning to geographic higher education 45-48
Point for discussion
Komosov Yu.A., Kuzovkov O.N. Conceptual issues in the draft Concept of geodetic and cartographic industry development 49-54
Manpower training
Malinnikov V.A., Soloviov I.V., Tsvetkov V.Ya. On geodetic education’s development 54-59
Triumph with tears in the eyes 60-61
Anniversary congratulations
Spiridonov Anatoly Ivanovich is 70 years old 62
DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126